The Presidential Race is Running Straight Into a Wall

Despite the impending deadline the presidential race appears to be cooling down where it should be heating up. Many of the candidates have sealed their impending doom by opening their mouths. Ben Carson’s exercise where his inquiries about the identity of the dumbest child in the room back fired leading to invite open bullying. But Hillary isn’t doing much better either. Though Hillary is doing better than her nominee rival Bernie Sanders her late to the party campaigning is causing her to drop in the polls. Jeb Bush has apparently taken a ‘tsundere’ approach to the entire situation claiming that he chose to drop out given the extensive pressure he sees being out on front runners. Most voters are still surprised he was running in the first place.

Donald Trump’s fall from grace has been prompted him to acquire a terrible case of logorrhea. Despite the fact that his comments have not only offended a great many citizens but even barred him from the position that he was seeking. Currently there are even petitions hoping to keep him from entering most countries because of some of his more charged statements that the rest of the world calls hate speech.

One man though appears to be leaving a great impression on voters. Bernie Sanders has gained almost all of the support that the other candidates including Hillary lost. Doing interviews with rappers and students alike have made him a sensation in states where he hasn’t even campaigned. In addition to revealing Killer Mike’s softer side Bernie Sanders appears to be one of the few candidates actually trying to run a successful campaign.

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