Tim Kaine: 5 Reasons He Was The Obvious Choice

We had Tim Kaine at 3/1 odds for being chosen as VP, right behind Julian Castro. We should have known better.

For those who don’t know, Tim Kaine graduated from Harvard Law School, is a former governor of Virginia, was considered a potential Democratic vice presidential candidate in 2008, and has served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Why Kaine?

1 – He comes from a medium-sized swing state (Virginia), and he was born in Minnesota, which may help secure that state… maybe they were concerned since Minnesota voted for Sanders in the primaries?

2 – One of Kaine’s parents was an ironworker, the other was a home economics teacher – which will surely find it’s way into a TV commercial at some point.

3 – As mayor of Richmond, Kaine reduced gun-related violence by creating and implementing “Project Exile”. President Bill Clinton praised the initiative, and it’s timely, given recent events.

4 – Obama asked Kaine to become the head of the Democratic National Committee in 2009. It was thought that an energetic young leader would help the them capitalize on the enthusiasm that carried Obama into office.

5 – Oh, and he did that mission work in Honduras with the Jesuit order as a Romanic Catholic missionary.

But other than that, he isn’t that exciting of an addition to the ticket.

I think this is more about setting him up to run for President in 4 or 8 years.


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