The Truth About Political Rioting

Political campaigning is not a novice to rioting, sign carrying ranting and protests. In about every political action either positive or negative, an equal and opposite protest happens. This raises the question as to why politics is so peppered with protestors and rioters? Is it because we as a people are drawn to the issues and want to make our voice heard so that real change can take place? I would say not. The truth is that protesting and rioting (for the most part) are nothing more than paid-for stunts by an opposing political party. And while I would love to point my finger at one party or the other, both Democrats and Republicans are equally to blame.

Want Some Quick Cash? Grab a Sign!

Protesting is a profitable market for the right people. With billionaires contributing millions to stop this person or that person, it is easy to see how the crowds are always large in number. Give a person the option of going to work every day and actually having to do a job to earn money or just hand them a check for holding a sign and ranting all day, and most people will take the easier solution. What is better still is that the protestor/rioter gets the same benefit of being on welfare while at the same time being able to say with pride that they helped contribute to a worthy cause.

The Back Scratching Strategy

If you believe for one second that those which contribute millions of dollars to stop political nominees or to pass or reject a bill are doing so from the kindness of their heart, or out of a since of philanthropism, you are sadly mistaken. Take for example George Soros. The billionaire, according to Fox News Latino[1], has committed $15 million dollars to stop Donald Trump by focusing his attention on Latino voters. While there is a claim that the funds are to drive Latinos to the polls and the voting booths, the money is also being used to send protestors out to drive Latino Support from the Trump campaign. But why would George Soros help with so much money?

If you look at Soros’s close connections to the Obama administration and now his ties to the Hillary campaign, it is clear to see that he is scratching a back. In 2008 Soros was all for Barack Obama as the Democratic choice (and why would he not jump on the train with everyone else), but now that Hillary is running and Obama is out of the picture he has stated that he regrets supporting him with the $5 million to help him get elected[2] and favors the current runner Hillary Clinton.

On the Republican side, Farris and Dan Wilks[3] contributed $15 million to Ted Cruz’s campaign. The brothers are from Texas which Ted Cruz is also from. The money is technically for the Super PAC under the Keep the Promise veil. Again, where there is no definitive ties to protestors (as there never really is), it is interesting that the two brothers are vocal on the very same issues which have been protested against democrats the most.

Why I Don’t Care and Why You Shouldn’t Either

If you look at protesting and rioting as politicians stooping to put on a show to the ignorant and easily manipulated, then you will see that it is really a waste of funds. What makes the protesting even more ridiculous is that those who engage in the practice for a party rarely, if ever, have a full understanding of who they are protesting against. For example: Donald Trump sees a great deal of protest saying that he is against women and immigrants, but if you look at the percentage of women and immigrants that he has hired in his companies, it would appear to be the opposite.

Information is power and I guess that is why these protests are so effective. If poor information can be populated through paid protestors, and if the signs and the chants can strike a chord, why not use it?

The reason why I am not effected by protestors is quite easy. I am not a cow or a sheep. I can come up with my own conclusions without someone telling me information that they may or may not understand. If you want to know about a politician’s stance on a subject research it. This is why Bing and Google exist. Better yet, go to the library, search the archives, look up who voted on legislation (as most are public record), and formulate your own opinions. To me protestors and riots are little more than elementary kids which have been given a dollar to take part in a bet or eat a week old slice of cheese. Only the most gullible individual would give them any credit, which is why their signs and their voices mean nothing to me.

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