When Did Going to the Bathroom Become a Matter of Legislation?

I never thought that I would see the day in which using the restroom would make it to a legislative bill. While family bathrooms have a purpose for families with small children who are toilet training. And handicap access is certainly needed. The current issues surrounding the toilet are hard to fathom as being worthy of making it to the floor to be voted upon. But here we are epitomizing the fact that

Going Overboard with Gender Acceptance

There is a line where correctness and common sense give way to idiotic and ill thought out politics and this is one of those cases. The “bathroom bill” as it is being called will allow for trans gender individuals (or for anyone for that matter) to use whichever bathroom and locker room they feel the most comfortable in. It has been raised as a Civil Rights issue[1] rather than that of a campaigning/political group issue. However, according to the legal dictionary it is NOT a civil rights case. To be a civil rights case it would have to have a negative impact upon the “personal liberties that belong to an individual, owing to his or her status as a citizen or resident of a particular country or community”[2] This issues fails in that regard as:

  • The person currently has a gender on his or her birth certificate and is identified as a human being. That gender is allotted a sanitary place in which to use the restroom. The fact that they choose not to use that facility is up the individual.
  • The person is not being neglected a fundamental right of a citizen or being dehumanized. In truth, a dedicated bathroom for trans gender persons or the ability to use any bathroom they deem fit would only play to ostracizing the group, not liberating them and making them equal. Gay and Lesbians do not have special bathrooms, and hermaphrodites (though physically a man and a woman) do not have special bathrooms either, so why should would this be considered a civil rights issues?

The Two Main Concerns

Apart from the argument on whether this is a civil rights issue or not, there are two main concerns that should be questioned by everyone regarding this bill. These two issues are security and sanitation.

From a sanitation perspective, merging the bathrooms invites a cross platform area for certain fluids and liquids to be in more abundance. Sperm, blood, and urine are the three elements which will increase. Sperm because given the opportunity and the freedom for two individuals to use the same space “privately”, sex in the restrooms will increase. Now, just to drive the point home. If you have a teenage son and his girlfriend and your son can use the same public bathroom, where do you think that will lead when the national statistics show that 62% of high school seniors have had sex[3]?

Do not forget the safety issue. While there is a bit of debate as to the actual number of assaults which occur in a bathroom, the issue should not be how many, but why give fuel to the fire. Consider.

If there is a man or a woman (as attacks occur from both parties) which wants to see a young man or a young woman in the bathroom, that person has only to claim to be a man or a woman to enter into the bathroom. Even if the person is not intending to assault the individual, the fact that they are going to the bathroom to look is creepy enough. Add to this the troubled state of mind of certain individuals, and the stall door is open for a number of things to occur.

For what it’s worth, Trump and Cruz both have opinions about the bill. Trump is against the bill, shocking some members of the Republican party. Here’s a clip of him being what many people love about him – honest.

Meanwhile. Cruz is… well, Cruz. Here’s an ad he released basically saying Trump was pro-grown-men-in-bathrooms-with-young-girls… Insert giant sigh.

Do We Really Need to Debate Where You Poop?

Personally, I find the whole issue to be a bit ridiculous. If your birth certificate says that you are a man, then use the men’s bathroom. If you want to be a woman that day, squat down on the toilet and use it as a woman. If your birth certificate states that you are a woman and you want to use the bathroom like a man, stand up in the woman’s stall and try it. You have the freedom and liberty to take a bathroom break in whichever position you feel is best for you. However, for there to be a legislative bill which would force a bright spotlight on the trans-gender community is not defending the equality of their life choice but segregating it.

After all, it is not like you are being denied access to the restrooms at all. Let’s stop the debates over something so ridiculous and focus on the things that can actually improve the country.

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[3] http://www.advocatesforyouth.org/publications/publications-a-z/413-adolescent-sexual-behavior-i-demographics

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