Who would have thought you had to attend the caucus, Mr. Trump?

There is no debating that Donald Trump has been a bit eccentric in this method of debating. From the first debate, the public has seen that he is a no bars held, open, and in your face sort of person. And for the most part the American public has embraced his blunt nature and theatrics. Call it part of his charm if you will. It is therefore a bit surprising that top Republican candidate Donald Trump decided to opt out of the Iowa caucus due to “inappropriate comments”.

The Situation

According to several interviews with Donald Trump, the Iowa Caucus was skipped due to the inappropriate and targeted questions by FOX New’s Megan Kelly during the first debate. Trump found out that Kelly would be the moderator for the debate and stated that her involvement in the Iowa debate would be media hype oriented and not candidate oriented. Interestingly enough, the candidate then decided to do his own publicity stunt by hosting a Veteran’s Fund raiser on the same day as the debate. Who could have seen that backfiring? Granted, the fundraiser did reach the 6 million dollar mark and did benefit the veterans, but for a political move, this move may be the shot in the foot that cripples Donald Trump’s campaign.

The NO Brainer that was missed

The New York post[1] reported that “Donald Trump took the blame Tuesday for his loss in Iowa, admitting that skipping last week’s final pre-caucus GOP debate might have cost him first place and musing that he could have done better with his ground game”. Really? It took losing to figure out that in a political campaign you have to actually attend the debates and participate. I am reminded of high school debate teams and how they were conducted. If a debater failed to show up they lost by default. Why is it that these simple principles keep getting overlooked not just by Donald Trump but by every candidate (democratic and republican)?

It is a no brainer that when you are trying to win the votes of a state and there are others which are competing for those votes that you show that you can handle adversity and that you do so with class. Doing the sticks and stones game or picking up your toys and quitting the game comes off as being childish, and I believe that this is what the majority of Iowa felt. More than that, the public did not buy the “I am offended” statement for a second.

Why no one believed the “offence” statement

Trump claimed that he missed the caucus because of the offense of Megan Kelly. Yet, if you look at his record of statements, it does not appear that this is the case. Some of the statements which have been made by Donald Trump include:

  • Calling Ariana Huffington “a dog” (April 2015)
  • Calling Rosie O’Donnell “a slob with a fat ugly face”
  • Attacking the Mexican government as “forcing their most unwanted people into the United States, They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc.”
  • Stating that the NFL is weak like our country is weak

Add to these statements his threats to remove his endorsements from countries which are banning him for his stand against Muslims and other political issues, and you have a man that is iconic of being offensive. So what was the real reason that the Iowa Caucus was missed? Simply put, it was a media and hype act under the guise of adverting himself from the media and hype. Did it work? No it did not.

What could this do to the leading republican?

Missing the Iowa Caucus may have been a shot in the foot from which Donald Trump cannot recover. Since the caucus, we have seen that the polls have grown ever closer. It appears that more and more people are starting to see Donald Trump as an entertainer and business Mongol and not as a politician. And where it is true that we need to have a business man that can get us out of our 19 trillion dollar debt[2], it is equally true that we need to have a political leader that understands that in an ongoing debate process you have to show up and debate.

It makes me wonder when I think about this stunt how foreign affairs will be conducted. If elected will Donald Trump be able to carry on debates when foreign leaders make negative statements against him or will he simply ignore them, do his own thing and hope for the best. One can only hope that Donald Trump has learned from this mistake as the campaign moves forward.



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