Will Hillary Clinton Run for the Presidency in 2016?

With the 2012 Presidential election in the books, we can begin looking forward to a presidential election in four years which we now know will not include an incumbent.  In regards to the democratic ticket many pundits (including this website) have Hillary Clinton listed as a favorite for nomination.  The real question at this point is not if she will win the nomination, but if she will actually run.   One thing is certain…if Hillary Clinton does decide to throw her name in the running, it will have substantial effect on everyone running for the democratic nomination.

As Secretary of State, the former first lady cannot participate in politics at this time. But her husband and former President, Bill Clinton, recently spoke to NBC News on the subject, saying “We’re not kids anymore. I don’t have any idea if she’ll ever run again. She says she won’t.”  Hillary Clinton will be 69 years old in 2016, which would make her the second oldest President in history (Ronald Reagan was the oldest) if she was elected.

On the television show “Morning Joe”, host Joe Scarborough said this morning that “I think, she thinks she won’t run.”  What that implies is that while Hillary has no plans to run at this time, there may be increasing pressure within the democratic party for her to run.   For politicians like Mark Warren, Martin O’Malley and others that appear to be planning on making a run at the 2016 nomination, the earlier they know Hillary’s intentions, the better.

Photo credit: Angela Radulescu via Flickr

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