Will Hillary Clinton Run for the Presidency in 2016?


With the 2012 Presidential election in the books, we can begin looking forward to a presidential election in four years which we now know will not include an incumbent.  In regards to the democratic ticket many pundits (including this website) have Hillary Clinton listed as a favorite for nomination.  The real question at this point is not if she will win the nomination, but if she will actually run.   One thing is certain…if Hillary Clinton does decide to throw her name in the running, it will have substantial effect on everyone running for the democratic nomination.

As Secretary of State, the former first lady cannot participate in politics at this time. But her husband and former President, Bill Clinton, recently spoke to NBC News on the subject, saying “We’re not kids anymore. I don’t have any idea if she’ll ever run again. She says she won’t.”  Hillary Clinton will be 69 years old in 2016, which would make her the second oldest President in history (Ronald Reagan was the oldest) if she was elected.

On the television show “Morning Joe”, host Joe Scarborough said this morning that “I think, she thinks she won’t run.”  What that implies is that while Hillary has no plans to run at this time, there may be increasing pressure within the democratic party for her to run.   For politicians like Mark Warren, Martin O’Malley and others that appear to be planning on making a run at the 2016 nomination, the earlier they know Hillary’s intentions, the better.

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  • Cheryl Mcclellan

    I certainly hope that Mrs. Clinton does run for Presidency in 2016 , and there are a lot of other women who hope the same way and would love to see her as the first Woman President she has my vote!

    • Voting for someone just because its a first is a horrible way to vote. That’s how we elected a president the last two elections who is completely unqualified to deal with our top issues. The economy. Iwanted Hilary in 2008 but we went with someone who has no knowledge of economic trends and finance. Wake up and vote for the most qualified. Not whos popular or “a first” to hold that office. That’s how you run a country into the ground.

    • Gene Colombini

      Certainly Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the most qualified in the Democratic party to run in 2016. You would also get a two in one special, Bill as her personal adviser and first Man in the Whitehouse

    • I won’t be voting for Hillary. Not all women are that stupid and I’m one of them. She will be 69 and 73 if she just does one term. Remember, Reagan was too old. He was our Pres. and had Alzheimers. We didn’t even know it until it was too late. NOOOOOOOOOOOO WaYYYYY.

  • frank Aiden

    The perfect ticket would be Hilary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren, and when they win Clinton would appoint obama to the supreme court as the first african american liberal justice. I know far fetched!!

    • William Smith

      Justice Thurgood Marshall was the first African-American judge and he was also a liberal.

    • And idiotic>>>>>>>>>

  • Ashey

    I could actually see her and Mark Warner on the ticket.

  • Ashey

    Excuse me meant Mark Warren!!!

  • Tricia

    I really hope Hillary runs! She would be the perfect first female president and everyone respects her both in America and around the world.

    • George

      Me to! Isn’t she great!

      • She is so great that she was part of the problem at Benghazi. If she can’t help four men then she can’t be trusted with the entire country.

      • Somebody

        Where was the outrage from the right when Bush was president in 2008 and TEN Americans were killed in an embassy at Yemen? Hmmmmmmm?

      • Chad

        Your name says it all. The Yemeni attack was a car bomb, not organized terrorist activity that scores of reports indicated would happen. There was also no Bush policy which allowed terrorists to take weapons from the Libyan military and pour all over North Africa, as with the Obama and Clinton show. Bush also didn’t fumble with calling it terrorism…Clinton and Obama tried desperately to hide that fact…Clinton even going so far as to have a “medical emergency” to avoid testimony. Hmmmmmmmmm yourself.

  • Babar

    I think this is a great idea on part of Bill Clinton to get back in the White House. We all KNOW that Bill wants to run the US. We all KNOW who is actually going to be “calling the shots.” BILL 2016 ahaha

    • Gina

      Honestly, I’d rather have Bill in office again than Hilary. At least Bill is a proven leader. Hillary is too pro-Obama for my liking.

  • bob

    that’s if she doesn’t get busted for her role in the Libya cover-up

    • Gene Colombini

      The Libya issue is a non issue. Even though people died and was not good the Republican party wanted to blow the matter out of proportion for political reasons as it happened in late October just prior to the elections. I head John McCain on Face the Nation state it was bigger than Watergate, an obvious overblown statement. Rom Emanuel quickly retorted to J McCain’s claims and destroyed his arguments.

  • melissa

    i hope she doesnt run

    • George

      Any one who doesn’t want Hillary. Is either a republican which after it is a free country so I have nothing to say against that. Or is a sexist who sucked and should die in a hole.

  • Lee

    I wrote her in on the ballot in 2008. She’s got my vote. In the wake of the recent win showing a large number of women voting for Obama, I think Hillary would have even higher number of the woman vote.

    • Like I said. Who votes for someone just cuz it would be a first???? We have a lot of groups to hit before we ever elect someone purely cuz they’re right for the job. Affirmative action at work. Wake up and be responsible voters!!

  • T

    Hillary for prez…Michelle Obama for Vice. lol

  • Jackie C

    Agree Derek. Obama just wasn’t qualified by any reasonable measure. I’d have welcomed Hillary instead and appreciate that we she has been transparent with her background, whereas Obama’s is sketchy at best. Our nation is reaching a desperate point. We need to get a highly qualified, hard working individual with a keen understanding of our economy. I’d love it if our constitution required some military service for a presidential candidate as we’d know for certain he loved his/her country.

    • Somebody

      You know, Obama had more experience than Hillary did, right?

  • Gene Colombini

    It is very early to make a sound prediction as to who will run on 2016. As a wild guess I think the Democrats will run Hilary as president with Juillian Castro as VP. It would solidify the women and Hispanic vote which showed up big in the current 2012 election. Also as wild guess I think the Republicans will run Christy as President and Rubio as VP.

    The interesting thing is if Hilary does not run you have Obama, Hilary, Bill, and Biden on the campaign trail which is a powerful combo force. If Hillary does run you still have Obama, Bill, and Biden on the campaign trail

    • Somebody

      The hispanic vote will be overwhelmingly Democratic regardless of who each party nominstes.

  • mike

    well she has my vote look at the knowledge

  • doug fuller

    Certainly Clinton has the background. Why do we want to elect a person of that age? Surely there must be a qualified person to be the Democratic candidate who is now 40 to 50 years of age. The future belongs to people who are not drawing social security.

  • Randy Olivier

    Oh jees. I hope not.

  • Randy Olivier

    With what Obamas been doing, him being on the campaign trail will be a loss right there. Hope that happens.

    My vote is for Christie and Rubio.

  • Guy in NC

    As a Republican, I would have preferred Hillary over Obama. She is more bi-partisan, has more experience, is respected more overseas, and she respects those in the Service, whereas the President seems to have a dislike for them unless it’s campaign time.

    2008 was stacked against us anyway, and it’s unlikely that Sen. McCain would have won even if it had been Hillary. Also, don’t get me wrong, I respect Sen. McCain, but he wasn’t the strongest candidate. The entire field wasn’t very strong for that type of election.

    As for the general, I think that the Dems have a dilemma. The fact is that they don’t have many well-knowns that aren’t getting up in years. The GOP has many young, well-knowns and the minority leaders among the GOP are growing. However, I will say that if they choose to run Castro, he’ll be slammed with the whole, “elect him and you’l never have another election” thing. But I don’t think he will for the same reason we didn’t run Santorum: he’s too far from the center to attract moderates/independents. He can’t win without them.

    As for the GOP, I think Christie’s chances are shot. He may think that folks will have forgotten or be more willing to forgive in four years, but that’s the classic mistake politicians make. Whoever runs on our side will tear him to shreds in the primaries. Besides, if Paul Ryan or, especially, Marco Rubio decide to run, the nomination is theirs. Ryan because he appeals to fiscal conservatives among the Dems, and Rubio because he appeals to the Tea Party and minority groups. It would actually maybe make a good ticket, R2 a second time around. But that’s just me.

  • Luke

    I think Darth Vader should run, I mean he has prior experience as a commander in chief of sorts, and he DID get redeemed for his actions. Besides, with him in charge, what country would dare oppose us?

  • George

    I hope Hillary runs and wins we need a female presidents it will pretty much open all doors and plus there will be less sexists.

  • George

    HILLARY!HILLARY 2016! vote Hillary because she might be as good as great Bill! VOTE HILLARY 2016!

  • James Vernon

    If you like the direction the USA is going then by all means vote for Hilarity.

  • Todd

    Hilary and Warren are very over-rated. I like Hil but she is getting tried and physically my not to up for another campaign. Warren is just awful, he speeches are terrible, her ideas are insane and she has no charisma. She won because of the wave of the “rising tides lift all boats” factor in 2012 and Todd Akin female voting revenge. But if she goes to the Dem primaries she will be toast. The best bet for the Dems is Deval Patrick if he runs.

  • Mike Tregoning

    Hillary Clinton. What good things can anyone say about her?
    NOTHING!!! Bill listened to her when he was president. Look where that led us back then.

  • lewis

    please in 2016 Lets elect a president, not a power hungry politican

  • Barb

    HILLARY Clinton Has my vote