Will Julian Castro Run for President in 2016?

Julian Castro

Julian CastroAt only 38 years old Julian Castro is young man in the realm of politics.  But, after delivering a charismatic, well-received keynote address at the Democratic national convention a few weeks ago, there have been a calls for a 2016 presidential run for the San Antonio mayor.  According to an informal poll conducted by the Huffington Post at the Democratic national convention, Julian Castro received 10 out of 74 votes as the person attendees would most like to see run for president in 2016.  That put him second only to Hillary Clinton.

Despite his status as a rising-star within the democratic party, it does not appear that Mr. Castro has any plans to run in 2016.  Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post reported on Twitter that Julian Castro thinks the country is ready for a Latino president, but that it won’t be him. Castro is a blue dog democrat, but not quite the blue dogs of the barefoot proximity pet parents.

Based on his age and lack of experience, it doesn’t appear Julian Castro will attempt a presidential run in 2016.   However, it would not be surprising to see Castro make a  run at becoming the first Latino governor of Texas in 2014.

  • Aaron

    I doubt it.

    Castro needs to be elected to something statewide first – IF he can do that, I would say he’s got a 1 out of 4 chance of getting the democratic nomination in one the following cycles.

    His major hurdle will be getting elected in Texas. He’s got an okay base as a popular mayor of San Antonio, but the DFW suburbs are where TX elections are decided, and they are still pretty conservative despite strong hispanic population growth the last 10 years. That growth has yet to manifest into votes.

    Castro is no blue dog – he’s fairly liberal – San Antonio is to the left of the state. At this point, a blue dog dem is the only hope for a statewide dem win in TX, and Castro doesn’t fit that bill.

  • Black Suede

    I agree with you. Even though Texas has had may demorcratic governors, they have all been rlatively centrist or even conservative themselves. I believe that after Rick Perry leaves, a person like Ted Cruz will come and take over the seat.

  • Conservative

    He could get appointed to some national office this term and be called ready. But either way I wouldn’t be surprised if ran and won even against Clinton. The Democratic party doen’t value experience the way the republican does. O won with having only been a senator for 18 months. He would be tough to beat as long as O doesn’t pull a W in his second term

  • Davey

    I think a Latino man like Marco Rubio would probably better fit that bill in 2016.

  • doc

    any black guy off the street can run and all black. people will vote for him,regardless of democrate, republican or education

  • daisy12

    god you’re stupid!

  • Somebody

    Actually, if you count Obama’s tenure in the Illinois state senate, he has more experience than Romney, Bush, Hillary, and Reagan. I doubt he’d win, but I’m sure you’ll believe this, as Republicans don’t value facts the way Democrats do.

    • Citizen Loring

      Lol? Seriously?

      Obama had NO experience, is naive and is incompetent and clearly cannot govern and it shows today. Ask Bill Clinton

      Bush was the Gov of the 2nd largest state in the union for 8 years, and Obama couldn’t hold a candle to Reagan’s leadership.

      As for Castro, he is mediocre at best. Watch for George P Bush to run against him for Gov around 2022 and clean his clock.

  • Citizen Loring

    He would have to win a statewide office first (senate, Gov) and he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of doing that in Texas.