2020 Election – Who Will Run for President?

I’ve given up on 2016. I’m embarrassed for all of us, and I’m ready to move on.

So – where better to focus my attention than 2020? Four short years from now, we’ll all look back and laugh at the 2016 election, right? No… you’re right, probably not…

Based on the current election, there could be some very serious and very dangerous nominees. Here are a few I would keep an eye on:

2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates

  • Michelle Obama – Though at this time there are no indications that would give anyone the assumption that Michelle Obama plans to run, the door will be slung wide open for her to do so should Hillary Clinton win the 2016 election. As Bill Clinton is a former president and his wife is running for office, Michele Obama, who is often quoted by Hillary Clinton, may seize the opportunity of building a presidential nomination based upon her husband’s presidency. The danger in this, of course, is that the country would end up getting 16 years of an administration as opposed to 8, and given its success (should it come to be so) it could spawn a trend.
  • Bernie Sanders – Granted, the man is a bit old to continue on in the political game, but the proof that he had strong supporters is real. There are even reports that state that he should have won the presidential nomination, but due to Hillary Clinton receiving questions for the debates, he slid in the polls. Should the man decide to run in 2020, he already has a following. It would not take a great deal of campaigning on his part to secure the states and votes needed to be the Democrats choice.

2020 Republican Presidential Candidates

  • Paul Ryan – From this election one thing is clear about Paul Ryan – he believes he has the answers for the entire Republican party. He has distanced himself from Donald Trump even though he is the party’s nominee. While some may argue that this is to keep face with the average republican voter, I believe that it is more to build up his own political agenda and line him up for a 2020 spot. Think about it. Should Donald Trump win, then Paul Ryan can jump onboard the Trump train. However, if he loses, Paul Ryan can step in as the leader with experience in the house who knows the values of the republican party and can “reunite” the party.
  • Rand Paul – I believe that Rand Paul will run again mainly because there has been a member of his family campaigning for the past few elections. Plus his outspoken and (quite frankly) outlandish claims will boost his popularity. I would not put it past the senator to hold out for 4 years and then attempt to put his hat into the mix. 
  • Newt Gingrich – While I do not believe that he will make it to the final four, I do believe that Newt Gingrich will put in his bid for the Republican nomination. The republican has been a force in the republican party. However, his voice has not been as aggressive as I believe some presidential hopeful needs to be. Should Gingrich find a cause and use the right media, he could be a force to contend with. 

It’s probably too early to tell

These are but a few of the predictions that could happen in 2020. There are a lot of names that have been dropped into the media including Bloomberg, Ted Cruz, Edward Rholes, Martin O’Malley, Andrew Cuomo, and Rubio. The speculation is so dependent upon the outcome of the election that it is scary.

One nominee that I can debunk is Christopher Walken. He will not be running for 2020, although hoax campaigns did cause a stir for the 2008 campaign. Then again, with former first ladies, failed computer CEOs, Pizza Presidents, and former actors running, who can tell who will be running in 2020.

Perhaps Barnum and Baily will have some of their crew put in a bid. After all, the political arena does seem to have turned into a circus.

By the way, I left Jeb and Christie off on purpose. Do you think they have a chance of coming back from the dead?

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